Tips for Creative Blocks


Where does creative inspiration come from? Is it a seed planted in the ground that grows with sunlight as in a desire met with practice? From originals to remakes with new twists counts as a new creation in our culture. The digital tools we have today are based on devices that people paved the way during the print revolution. By reviewing the past, new ideas can be created from open-source materials.

Everything is a Remix

The documentary ‘Everything is a Remix‘ takes this topic head-on. Where do ideas come from anyway? The documentary is brilliant in explaining how most inventions are people taking three different concepts and mixing them up and making them into something new that is all of their own. For example, patents can be used as a base to build upon, which technically creates a new invention, such as the original umbrella design was recreated to flip the other direction.
Be authentic because who you are is what people buy into. There is definitely more than one type of company that competes with each other such as restaurants, dental places, gas stations, etc. The reason that you choose one over the other might start off as price, or maybe you found a deal online, but ultimately, you stick with them because they’re your type of people or your tribe. There’s something about that owner who is the culture you matched with that builds repeat customers.

Study the Greats

For creatives, I highly recommend investing in books related to your industry for inspiration from the most celebrated leaders of our time. In addition to great coffee table decor, they’re great for getting yourself into a creative mindset. Each of them is packed full of the most creative stories, how the process was done, visuals, and more. These books are great not to copy, but it tends to inspire ideas of your own. What did you learn to help improve your creative skills? In other words, what made them so great? Break it down into smaller pieces and practice doing this yourself with your own ideas.
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