Music Business Mentor

Jessica Northey is a creative powerhouse whose passion for music and the arts has been a driving force since her early years. Music provided solace during tough times and joy in moments of celebration, shaping her life’s pivotal moments.

Inspired by these experiences and a transformative storytelling workshop, The Million Person Project, Jessica developed a deep-rooted desire to support artists in sharing their music with the world.

Jessica’s academic journey at Full Sail University culminated in a Bachelor’s degree in Entertainment Business and a Master’s degree in New Media Journalism. This education allowed her to merge her love for design, marketing, and storytelling. Her exceptional performance earned her recognition as a Salutatorian, an Advanced Achiever, and a recipient of several Course Director Awards for Artist Management.

A natural leader, Jessica served as the President of a thriving networking club, amassing over 1,200 members and transforming campus open mic nights into music showcases at a local cafe.

As a Grammy U member from 2014-2015, Jessica gained hands-on experience working closely with artists during the Florida Grammy Showcase event. This role allowed her to understand the needs and challenges of artists, making her a trusted advisor.

In her role at Not Only Noise Entertainment, Jessica demonstrated her aptitude for public relations, producing press releases and outreach emails for indie artists. She also showcased her ability to manage financial transactions at large-scale music festivals like EDC while working with Insomniac.

Jessica’s experience goes beyond PR and event management. At Plush Recording Studios, she served as an Assistant to the Studio Manager, gaining practical knowledge of recording operations. She also ventured into content development during her internship at 3BlackDot and graphic design at GDC Marketing & Ideation Agency.

Her stint as a freelance graphic designer and assistant to the Artist Manager for Erica Badu at PL Presents further reinforces her versatility and commitment to supporting artists at all stages of their careers.

Jessica Northey’s multifaceted experience and profound understanding of the music industry position her as a trustworthy partner for independent musicians seeking to make their mark in the entertainment world.

Jessica’s ultimate goal is to empower young musicians with the business and design knowledge they need to amplify their music and create a powerful brand presence. Her mother’s encouragement to embrace life’s adventures and see the world as a place brimming with hope and opportunity has shaped Jessica into a fearless adventurer. She is not afraid to push boundaries, and she inspires others to step out of their comfort zones and seize every opportunity.

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